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  1. Nose Hair Removal - AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology

    Yes, pulling nose hairs can be as bad for your brain as it is for your dating life. The danger is that you will break the skin somehow and give root to an infection, which could subsequently migrate inward-into the base of the brain.

 Blood from your nose (to be precise, from a triangular region of the face centered on the nose) drains to the rear toward your brain, where it joins various other veins, including the ones that drain blood out of your brain. 

If a nasal infection were to travel downstream and block this junction point (a condition known as intracranial thrombophlebitis-say that three times fast), you'd have big problems. Some doctors call it "the triangle of death. "

Use a special nose hair clipper; it's a great present and a clue to a loved one.

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  2. The Bad, the Banned, and the Maligned: Formulating with Your Hands Tied — Posted on March 17, 2017 by Perry Romanowski at PROSPECTOR®

    This article does a great job of describing the challenges the beauty industry faces today in formulating products that perform well, while also using products that are acceptable to both government regulators and discerning customers. Many of the comments at the end of the article are also quite interesting.

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